The INCOBS team

Detlev Fischer

Photo of Detlev Fischer

Detlev Fischer PhD manages the INCOBS project. He studied visual communication in Hamburg und technical documentation in Coventry, UK. From 2008-2011 he has led the test development team of BITV-Test.

Telephone: 040-43 18 75 - 25
Mobile: 0157-71 70 73 84
E-Mail: fischer [at]
Twitter: @wcagtest

Miriam Dames

Photo of Miriam Dames

Miriam Dames develops test instruments and conducts expert and user tests. She is also in charge of maintaining the contents of the INCOBS-web site.

Telepone: 040-43 18 75-16
E-Mail: dames [at]

Robbie Sandberg

Photo of Robbie Sandberg

Robbie Sandberg is blind and has extensive experience in training blind software users in the use of assistive technologies. Within the INCOBS project, he mainly carries out expert tests of mobile equipment and apps.

Telephone: +49-40-43 18 75-89E-Mail: sandberg [at]

Sonja Weckenmann

Photo of Sonja Weckenmann

Sonja Weckenmann studied art and visual communication in Münster. In the INCOBS project, she takes care of developing test instruments and carries out expert and user tests.

Telephone: 040-43 18 75-26
E-Mail: weckenmann [at]

Thomas Lilienthal

Photo of Thomas Lilienthal

Thomas Lilienthal is Managing Director of DIAS GmbH. In the INCOBS project, he is responsible for the evaluation of project results and assures the sustainability of outputs.

Telefon: 040 43 18 75 12
E-Mail: lilienthal [at]