We have tried to create an accessible design for the INCOBS web site, and to make it usable on different devices with different screen sizes. In the future, we want to keep this level of accessibility for all new content. Whenever we we find accessibility issues that had escaped our notice, we will try to correct them (last update 12/2016).

Accessible according to WCAG 2.0 und BITV 2.0

Our benchmark for accessibility are the success criteria of the international standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 on level AA, as well as the mostly identical requirements of the German Federal Directive BITV 2.0 (Barrierefreie Informationstechnik-Verordnung). In practical terms we follow the technical requirements defined in the BITV test.

If you hit upon accessibility problems on this site or want to criticise any aspect of our implementation, please contact us!

Our language

We strive to translate a good part (but not all) of our German articles, test reports and product reviews into English. We try to use an easy-to-understand language so that readers without expert knowledge can follow. However, some topics covered, such as WAI-ARIA techniques, may be difficult and not easy to grasp for the average non-technical reader. Please write to us if you think an article or test report has put things in an unneccessarily complicated manner. We will then try to simplify the text.

Abbreviations and technical terms

We strice to explain abbreviations and technical terms where they are first used on a page. Many abbreviations and technical terms are also covered in our German-language glossary (unfortunately there is no English glossary at the time being).

Responsive web design

We have implemented this web site following the responsive web design approach: On smaller screens and in narrower browser windows, a simplified layout is presented.

The zoom magnification in a browser does not only enlarge the text, it also leads (in most browsers) to a single column layout that should be legible without the need for horizontal scrolling.

Customised views

In addition to making the design responsive to screen sizes and zoom magniification, we have created two custom views that can chosen on the "Customise view" page: A single column view with magnified text, and a inverse colour view (light text on a black background).