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Phablets for low vision and long-sighted users - summary

We have compared the Asus Zenfone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Apple iPhone 6 plus and Nokia Lumia 1320

Phablets for low vision and long-sighted users - the details

Results for text- and zoom magnification, virtual keyboard, speech recognition, mail app, browser, and more

A quick accessibility review of the Blackberry Q10 Smartphone

The Blackberry Q10 is one of the few remaining smartphones with a physical keyboard. We have checked its accessibility features for blind and low vision users.

Comparing zoom magnification on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8

The three most common smartphone operating systems all offer zoom magnifiaction. We have checked which one works best.

Testing Android skins with TalkBack

Many Android smartphones come with specific "skins" (graphical user interfaces) to differentiate themselves from Google's stock Android. Can blind users handle these skins?


Samsung S6 removes important screen reader launch shortcut

Guerilla testing of a function that is critical to screen reader users. helps picking accessible smartphones, tablets and apps

Each year, many new smartphones and tablets are released. For people intending to purchase a new device, it difficult to get an overview and make an informed choice – especially if they have special needs that require specific accessibility features. has been launched to help.